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Blackout - Rob Thurman This book started out well, but then became pretty boring.

Cal wakes up on a beach in North Carolina with no memory of who he is or what he was doing there. One would think the reader would be anxious to get him back with our beloved characters as soon as possible, but, unfortunately, that's when things became far less interesting.

There are some good moments, but the humor seems forced and those beloved characters are not nearly as engaging when seen through the eyes of a Cal who doesn't know them. It's like they're being introduced to the reader for the first time again but with no new revelations from Cal's temporary outside perspective. A real missed opportunity there.

Cal's ruminations are constant and repetitive. At one point we have an action scene with a crucial point -- life or death -- and Cal goes into an inner monologue that lasts for about five pages and ends with him coming to the same conclusion he's come to about six times already in the book. Very frustrating. Especially since Thurman is usually pretty good at writing action.

I'm not sure if this series should have gone past the fourth book. It feels a bit like Cal, Niko and Robin are just vamping while Thurman searches for another arc.