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Hail Mary - C.C. Galloway This was my first "sports romance" read and it was a very good intro to the genre, IMO.

Michael Santiago is a top defensive end in the NFL who meets up with Mary, a girl he briefly knew in college. He's the hot, successful big leaguer and she's a pretty school teacher who tutored him way back when.

I haven't watched any professional sports since Michael Jordan was with the Bulls and, specifically, I haven't watched the NFL since Joe Gibbs' first go 'round with the Redskins. That's a long time. But I didn't feel at all lost in the descriptions or left out of the excitement of a pro game. It was fun to be pulled into the world of football and Galloway doesn't lose the reader with a lot of ho hum technicalities. This is probably something that has kept me from this genre, so, again I think this book was a good intro for me.

Mary and Michael have a lot of obstacles. Michael's an interesting character. I was glad I'd gotten some insight into his bad childhood so he didn't end up an unsympathetic character at the beginning. I knew enough about his past that I could put his current behavior in context and hope for him to get past it so he and Mary could be together.

The mistakes they both make are believable. As always, communication is the key and it's so nice when they get down to it.

I like the "old friends meet again and find love" trope and it's done well here.

Looking for more sports romance now. Know any more good ones? :)