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Crazy Kisses - Tara Janzen This was, IMO, the best one of the series so far. The most coherent story line (even though there was a little bit of a "perfect storm" of bad guys) and a romance that's been building since book 1.

Once again, though, the secondary romance became more compelling than the primary one, for me. This has happened in every book, it seems. I have no complaints about how Kid and Nikki's romance played out, so maybe I'm just fascinated with beginnings? In any case, I really enjoyed Travis's development and I'm, as with the past secondaries, really looking forward to his story.

Anyway, if Janzen's major talent is in introducing romances to be developed later, she's a genius and working them into the books. Of course I'm going to read the next one! In fact, I think I'm going to read the next one tonight since the primary romance was introduced in book 3 and drew my attention away from Creed's story.

This is a series that's full of action and implausible plotting. It's fun (although book 2 was a certified mess) and sexy and, at times, fairly emotional.

A couple of new characters are introduced in this one, which is good since the heroes all seem to want to cut way back on their crime fighting activities once they get hitched. Some new blood will be nice to get to know and will be needed to keep the action going.

So, if you're looking for something that's the equivalent of an 80's/90's action movie, this is a decently diverting series.