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Taken by midnight - Lara Adrian I did not enjoy this book as much as I liked "Shades of Midnight". I had been looking forward to this one, too, so I'm very disappointed.

First I found it difficult to like Jenna. Granted she'd been through a horrible trauma and was still nursing four-year-old wounds, but then maybe the book should have started later when she was a little less freaked. She was downright unlikable for the first half of the book.

Brock is a character I was looking forward to getting to know better. But he seemed oddly two-dimensional. He had rage and regret. I didn't get any sense of his chemistry with Jenna. I had to accept it because the author said it was there, but I wasn't feeling it from their interactions.

Add to that a story line that was more teaser than anything else and it just felt unfinished and unsatisfying. Sure, one huge plot point was settled, but, frankly, I didn't see why it was still hanging in the first place. I can understand one aspect still being out there, but the rest, what was the point?

I found this story to be tepid and it felt incomplete. Especially after the last installment that I loved so much and that felt like a fully realized story.

Hunter is next and I hope we have a stronger plot line to his tale. At least he can't be hooking up with Mira (a spec that has always given me the willies even if it didn't happen for 20 years) since the book starts one week after the end of Taken.

I have found Adrien to be hit or miss. When she's on, like with Shades, she's so on it's fantastic. So I'm hooked if for no other reason than the ones that are good are just that good.

This one is very bridge-like, setting up further action down the road. I find that often to be unfair to the lead protagonists, and it's not an easy plot line to make successful. Maybe next time.