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Crazy Cool - Tara Janzen This was a mess. In some places a very enjoyable mess, but there were at least three stories going on and one of them eclipsed all the others, including the main romance. Christian deserved better.

As I mentioned in one of my status updates, there was a lot of padding. Christian and Kat rehashed their teenage melodrama over and over and over. I skimmed a lot of their scenes.

About halfway through the book, Travis the Wonder Stud (as Kid Chaos calls him) suddenly becomes a major player and we get his POV and multiple scenes. Huh?

And finally, Kid Chaos's story eclipsed all of them for emotion and depth. I know what goes on here is back story for his own book, but I wonder if it should have played out more in the background with less Kid POV. As it was I found myself only interested in what was going on with him.

Still, I kind of like the premise of the Steele Street boys and their adventures, so I'll probably read on. I'm not sure how far I can tolerate more messes like this one, though. Too many POVs, too much padding, and too little depth in the main storyline. I think this author is capable of better.