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I read. I write. I talk about reading and writing. That is when I'm not driving kids somewhere or teaching them. Married, educated, domesticated. I really enjoy the friends I've met through a variety of different message boards and venues regarding reading and authors. I try to take a positive view when I write reviews but sometimes I can't. Those times are few and far between, but they do exist. I'm mostly an old softy, though. I think so anyway.

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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
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Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs This one was even better than the first. Very suspenseful. Actually scary in some parts. Difficult but appropriate conclusion.

Mercy continues to impress me as a great cross between tough chick and marshmallow and she's just very, very likable.

Adam continues to impress me as HAWT!

In any case, I love the characters, loved the story line (the climax was so much better in this book than the last) and I'm going to break Dina's rule and start on the next one tonight.

Sorry Dina.

I think I'm hooked. o_O