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Temptation Ridge - Robyn Carr This was a good installment. I really liked Shelby and Luke. Shelby was a great romantic heroine. Different from a lot of the typical ones in that she wasn't experienced at all, but she wasn't a fluffy doormat, either. You can definitely see why Luke falls for her.

And why she falls for Luke. *throws ice water in face*

Anyway, there are some sad things that cause tears and some happy things that cause tears and a lot of smiles along the way. In short, a typical Virgin River book.

My one huge complaint is that it ends abruptly and I wanted either one more chapter or an epilogue. It wasn't fair to Luke and Shelby and their story to end it when Carr did, so I'm grumbling about that.

Of course it made me want to read the next book right away, but I realized the next book won't have more of the Luke/Shelby story so I'm fine taking a break.

I can't believe I'm only about half way through the series. There were some new characters introduced and maybe we'll see them in future stories. I wouldn't mind reading a story about each of those Riordan boys. Yum.

So ... yeah ... good. :D