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Shades of Midnight - Lara Adrian This latest installment in Lara Adrian's "Midnight Breed" series is leaps and bounds better than the last one, IMO. I could barely finish "Ashes of Midnight" but I could barely put this one down.

Kade is one of the newer members of the Order. He was introduced a couple of books ago as a new recruit along with Brock. At the time I felt it was a rather obvious and awkward effort to bring racial diversity to the crew. I still feel that way. Not that I object to the end result. But their introduction was so purposed that it left me not really caring about either one of them. It felt like they didn't come organically into the story. I didn't think I would care much about Kade in his own book.

However, Adrian's template always take the lead couple away from everyone else so we can get to know them individually as well as see their chemistry. Then the others are brought in and the group chemistry is explored. I think this is an excellent template, and I'm generally not a fan of plot models. Getting to know Kade this way, I fell pretty quickly and deeply in love. And I liked Alex quite a bit, too. Still grieving her father's death and feeling completely alone, she's thrust into a situation that not only reminds her of her beloved dad, but threatens to expose secrets she's kept for over a decade.

Kade has his own secrets and problems. Born and raised in Alaska, he and his twin brother inherited a talent from their mother that can potentially translate to a curse. This brings up a haunting story line about which I'll say no more to avoid giving spoilers.

As I've said before, when Adrian is on she's ON. And I think she's bringing the mojo in this book. The love story really worked for me and was extremely sizzlin' as well. Despite an unfortunate anti-hunting vibe (not the specifics, but an overall negativity toward the topic which is far more complex than typically portrayed anywhere in media) Adrian's really in fine form.

Brock's story is next and it looks like some of his story is already being set up in this book. If it is, I see major complications down the road for our giant friend. There are lots of possibilities for his story that should make speculation fly until the next book comes out.

One last note. In my review of "Ashes" I mentioned that I was worried Adrian was going to take Chase down the Phury road. There's a scene that tells me I may not have been whistling Dixie on that concern although it might be just an odd coincidence. However, if she sticks to the template (I can't believe I'm supporting that but I am) we'll get to really know him and whoever his HEA might be.

In short -- this is one of the good ones. :D