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What Happens in London - Julia Quinn This review is also posted at Amazon:

I enjoyed this story very much. After Quinn's last book, "Mr. Cavendish, I Presume", I was disappointed and concerned. But this is a nice return to her witty, fun form.

The two leads are very engaging and likable. What I really enjoy is that they're a couple of nerds. He counts and organizes things and she makes lists. They don't perfectly fit in with society without scripting themselves. But they're both attractive individuals with great senses of humor when paired with the right people. It's really a rather unique take on the old 'hotties get together' form.

There were likable several side characters who could conceivably land their own stories. Harry's brother Edward and their cousin Sebastian both seem to have been introduced with that possibility in mind. Olivia's twin brother, Winston, seems also to be a potential candidate. I vote for all of them to have stories. Especially if they're as fun and funny as this one.

The dialogue (so absent and missed from "Mr. Cavendish") is witty and clever and the comic set pieces are as amusing as they are absurd. There's a slapstick feel to some of the sequences that didn't take away anything from my enjoyment. I felt the set-ups were organic enough that the comedy was well earned, even when it was silly.

One complaint: I wanted an epilogue. With all the excitement running up to the end, even the lovely, relaxed final scene felt abrupt. But other than that, I enjoyed this book very much. I recommend it. :D