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The Golden Cord - Paul Genesse Paul Genesse published the first two book so of this series under a small publisher. As small publishing houses often do, it fell apart. With three more books to his arc he did the only thing a modern day author can do. He's turned to digital self-publishing. The first two books and now the third are available at decent prices and the fourth and fifth are presumably on their way.

Which is good because I'm afraid not knowing what happens is going to stress me out.

Drake is a hunter from Clifton -- a city situated by a deep, mist-filled canyon call the Void. It's a yawning abyss that takes you straight to the Underworld if you fall into it. Not pretty. But that's not all. It spits demons out of it from time to time in the form of griffons, wyverns and dragons.

Everywhere our hero goes there's danger. It's a stressful life and it doesn't get better when two dwarves come to Clifton looking for shelter and a guide. Guess who that's going to be.

This has all the elements you expect from a hero's journey fantasy with some nice twists and turns and a lot of suspense.

I just finished it today and I had to stop myself from picking up the next one right away. Must be strong. There will eventually be five books in the series and three are out.

If you like high fantasy and a hero's journey, you'll probably like this series beginner.